Mitzi on tour

Mitzi Spallas, stylist at Works of Art Hair Studio in Los Angeles, is currently on tour with
Billy Idol as his personal hair stylist, as well as looking after his clothing and other
personal needs such as food and drinks. This tour began in New York at the end of May
2014 to promote Idol’s upcoming autobiography entitled “Dancing With Myself”. From
there, they met the band and started the music tour, playing a few dates on the East
Coast such as Atlantic City, New Jersey, and Hampton Beach, New Hampshire. After
that it was on to Europe, flying into Copenhagen in early June, and playing the Swedish
Rock Festival.

After that, they flew to Rome and started bussing around Europe,
stopping in the following cities: Padova, Italy; Zurich, Switzerland; Hessentag/Manheim,
Germany; Esbjerg, Denmark; Berlin and Hamburg, Germany; Bratislava, Slovakia;
Prague, Czech Republic; Ljubljana, Slovenia; Belgrade, Serbia; Skopje, Macedonia;
Bucharest and Cluj Napoca, Romania; Vienna, Austria; Dresden, Germany, and ending
the tour in Luxembourg.

As the rest of the band and crew left to go home after a month on the road, Mitzi
headed to London for the week and then on to Berlin and back to London with Mr. Idol
to do more press for his upcoming album called “Kings and Queens of the

The tour will continue in November when Billy and the gang head back to Europe to
play dates in Great Britain, Ireland, Amsterdam, and Germany. Next year, the tour is
planning on covering the United States, South America, Australia and New Zealand. It
looks like Mitzi will be busy, so make sure to check her schedule and get in for your hair
services before she leaves!!