Art Cardiel Featured in Los Feliz Ledger

Works of Art Hair Studio

From a top floor above Umami Burger, Art Cardiel’s Works of Art Hair Studio overlooks and influences Los Feliz’s hippest strip of Hollywood Boulevard.

For 15 years, a steady stream of artists, actors, models, musicians, writers, and behind-the-scenes studio people have ascended the wooden staircase for a transformative experience.

Cardiel is a natural in the Los Feliz neighborhood. When he was a stylist at Transcend Hair Salon—formerly on Hillhurst Avenue—Los Angelesmagazine named him one of 1997’s “Best in L.A.,” saying that Cardiel’s “clients left looking like nymphomaniacs.” That quote shot Cardiel’s star to the top.

Since then, LA Weekly has twice named Cardiel’s Works of Art Hair Studio the best hair salon in the city.

Cardiel tries to ensure that none of his customers leave dissatisfied.

“No two heads of hair are the same,” said Cardiel. “You’re as good as your last piece of artwork.”

It was while studying art at Pasadena City College, just short of transferring to Art Center, when Cardiel chanced upon the campus cosmetology department.

“Everyone was having fun and creating, and using chemicals and color and cutting,” said Cardiel. “It turned the light switch on for me.”

Since then, Cardiel has been involved with the many opportunities his chosen art medium provides. From stints on fashion, film and music video shoots, to hair styling contests, to training events for several hair product companies, he’s done it all.

“He’s a gifted guy and the nicest man I’ve met in hairdressing,” said Steven Martinez, a stylist at Works of Art.

Martinez added that in a town full of hairdressers, Cardiel stands out as one who appreciates each individual client’s viewpoint when they walk through the door.

“In LA, there will always be a stylist for everybody. Art gets that and lets you be you here.”

With some prodding, Cardiel shared a story about an experience that he had with a client who had floor-length hair. She walked into Works of Art after a six-month search for someone to perform her first haircut.

“I asked her, ‘Why me?’” Cardiel said. “She said, ‘You have the best reviews. You work with long hair.’”

Cardiel began his work and cut her hair below her shoulders.

“She trusted me,” Cardiel said. “She was crying the whole time. All the emotions came out and she blossomed in the chair.”

Cardiel said Works of Art is ideal for moments like that.

“I draw a lot of people like that who care about hair more than just a superficial thing,” said Cardiel. “It’s ritual too.”

Source: Los Feliz Ledger