Healthy Hair Advice from a Silverlake Hair Salon

Do you ever look at the ingredients in your shampoo and conditioner? If you have, does it cross your mind to ask: “Which of these might be bad for me?” If you’re like so many folks, you get the shampoo and conditioner that makes your hair look its best. That’s perfectly understandable! Nothing wrong with that at all. That’s what hair products are all about. But, now we know more about the products than ever before. If you’re wondering what you should keep out of your hair and away from your body, we’re more than glad to help. Below, our Silverlake hair salon stylists collected some thoughts on just some things to stay away from. 

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“Sodium Lauryl Sulfate” might sound like something you put in a 6th-grade science project to make your volcano erupt or something. However, it’s actually the thing that, in many shampoos, makes it foam, that gives it that lather. There are healthier, better ways to get that foaming lather than this SLS. Studies have shown that it can lead to all manner of health problems. For example, the last thing you need are hair products that could potentially damage your liver, your kidneys, or even your central nervous system. We can direct you to far, far better products that don’t have SLS. 


When Cleaning Goes Too Far 

We all want to get dirt and oil out of our hair. After a long day at work, or first thing in the morning, there’s nothing like getting into the shower and washing away even tiny dirt and oil particles. Sulfates are an ingredient in hair washing products that do exactly that: they remove the dirt and oil. In fact, they remove dirt and oil really well. Alas, they do it too well. They remove too much, taking away too much of your body’s natural moisture. There are alternatives without these dangerous sulfates. 


The Dangers of Fragrance 

You’ve probably looked on your hair care products and seen the word “fragrance.” It sounds like a good thing. Who doesn’t want hair with a great fragrance? Unfortunately, that’s not how “fragrance” works as an ingredient. See, “fragrance” is meant as a legal term, a way to cover all of the chemicals the manufacturer doesn’t want to list on the label. So, instead of “fragrance,” imagine it says: “Up to Three Thousand Potentially Dangerous Chemicals Our Lawyers Got Taken Off of the Label Previously.” There’s ways to make your hair smell great without any of this “fragrance.” 


Our Silverlake Hair Salon is Here to Help 

Our goal in writing this blog wasn’t to scare you. On the contrary, it’s to make you better informed. Now, with this knowledge, you can get hair care products that won’t potentially negatively impact your health. Moreover, you can reach out to us, and we’ll direct you towards hair care products that are always focused on your hair, your health, without any negative side effects. To book an appointment at our salon today, just call (323) 667-0072.