Best Salon Los Angeles Tips for Growing Your Hair

Have you tried to make your hair grow a bit faster? It’s one of those things that you really can’t tangibly do right in the moment. Looking in your mirror and gently cheering it on (“Grow! Grow! Grow!”) might feel a bit empowering for a moment, but doesn’t actually work. Yanking on it, combing excessively, and so forth can’t make it grow either. We do have some best salon Los Angeles tips for helping you to grow your hair faster. Better still, many of them will help your health, too. 

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Eating Well for Hair Growth 

You probably don’t have to be told again to “eat healthily.” Alas, we’re doing just that. The truth is that there are practically no limits to all of the ways that a healthy diet can benefit your body. You already know that it can make you thinner, boosting your health, helping you to live longer and better. Turns out that a healthy diet can help your body grow hair faster, too. Here’s the thing: it doesn’t have to be some super restrictive, “only eat 300 calories a day starve yourself” kind of diet. Foods with protein and biotin can help get the job done. Luckily, that means delicious foods, like fish, eggs, nuts, and more. You can eat well while still eating healthy; all while your hair grows ever faster. 

The Right Vitamins for the Job 

Taking the right vitamins can help your hair to grow faster, too. We already mentioned biotin in the last paragraph, but vitamins like B12, A, E, and C can help your hair to grow faster as well. This may be weird to think of this way, but it’s like you’re “feeding” your hair, just as you would a plant. When you keep a plant, you want it to get the kinds of nutrients it needs so that it can grow healthy and strong. The same goes for your hair. 

Maybe Don’t Shampoo Every Day 

If you’ve already searched online for “how to grow hair faster,” then you’ve probably come across this tip. Obviously, shampooing your hair is a good thing. It can clean your hair, leaving you feeling refreshed. However, you might not want to shampoo daily. If you shampoo too much/over shampoo, that can make your hair dry, broken, or even a bit brittle – none of which are helpful conditions for facilitating growth. 

Getting Your Haircut at the Best Salon in Los Angeles 

Paradoxical it may be, getting your haircut can help it to grow. No, the old myth is false: cutting your hair often will not make it grow faster. What it will do, however, is to help your hair grow back stronger. The more it’s cut, the more it grows back in a stronger form. So, when your hair does grow back at the length you would like, it will also have a lasting, healthy strength, too. For more help with your hair, our stylists will be more than glad to assist: (323) 667-0072.