The Best Curly Hair Salon Los Angeles For Your Style

Everyone knows how hard it is to find the perfect salon for your hair, and this is particularly true if you have curly hair that needs a particular level of care. Anyone with curly or wavy hair has had a bad experience with salons that have not treated that hairstyle with respect, and have even […]

Create the Perfect Look with a Natural Hair Stylist in Los Angeles

Your hair is unique to you, and making sure that you have the right style and cut can be very important when you are trying to make a big impression on those around you. The right hairstyle can be the key to a great first impression on future employers, clients or partners, and may mean […]

How to Choose a Hair Salon in Los Feliz

You take great pride in the way your hair looks and go to great lengths to make sure it maintains the length, style, and color that is best for you. Perhaps you have recently relocated to a new area, or your previous hair salon is no longer available or no longer provides the level of […]

The Silver Lake Hair Salon You Want to Go to

When you move to a new area, you find that you need to seek out all kinds of new services. Along with all the services you may need in your daily life, you also are going to want to find a place where you can go for a quality haircut and style. The look of […]

Choosing a New Hair Salon in Silver Lake

Choosing a New Hair Salon in Silver Lake Making sure you look your best is something that is important to you. It can be that you need your hair to be polished so that you can present yourself each day when you go to work, or perhaps you just need your hair at its best […]

Mike Saijo Art Show with Portrait Workshop – St. Patrick’s Day –

What are your plans for St. Patrick’s day? I hope you’re feeling lucky and happy as we are to announce our St. Patrick’s Day event. Our team at Works of Art Hair Studio is proud to present our upcoming event taking place March 17th at the Works of Art Hair Studio located in Los Angeles. […]

Art Cardiel Featured in Los Feliz Ledger

“[OUR BREAD AND BUTTER] Art Cardiel Brings an Artist’s Approach to Hairstyling at Works of Art Hair Studio” BY KIMBERLY GOMEZ, LEDGER COLUMNIST · APRIL 28, 2016 From a top floor above Umami Burger, Art Cardiel’s Works of Art Hair Studio overlooks and influences Los Feliz’s hippest strip of Hollywood Boulevard. For 15 years, a steady stream […]