Balayage color specialist and stylist Lauren Payne has been doing hair for a decade and has loved every moment of it. Working the past 10 years at the most upscale salon in Boca Raton, she learned from the best in the industry. From the innovative minds of Kevin Murphy, Paul Mitchell, and Davines, she’s learned the most progressive techniques in the world. More than just hairdressing, Lauren sees her client’s hair as a blank canvas, and her creativity and precision makes her a true hair artist. She really cares about her clients and will do what’s best for them, always considering the longevity and health of their hair. Using natural and top of the line products, Lauren sets out to make the hair not only look better, but feel better! With passion that shines through every head of hair she touches, Lauren Payne lives to make her clients happy and confident with how they look. Lauren will always be passionate for hair, continuing to educating herself, looking for the next big thing.