Hair Salons in LA with More Services for Everyone 

Do you feel like your salon or stylist is just giving you “cookie-cutter” styles? Does it seem like when you go to hair salons in LA to get your haircut, you’re not getting “your haircut,” but rather, a haircut that was meant for someone else? At Works of Art, one of the most important factors to take into account for anyone’s style is individuality. You’re a unique person. There’s no one like you anywhere on Earth. So, why would you have the same haircut as someone else? No matter who you are, when you come to Works of Art, we’ll give you a style that is 100% your own. 

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Women’s Styles 

When it comes to women’s styles, we believe in options. There’s no one right answer. There are many styles that might be right for you, and we believe in helping you to find the one that you love the most. Plenty of folks come to Works of Art to explore. They want to find something new, something that fits who they are right now. Maybe they’ve had something they’ve been dreaming about forever, and now is the time to make it come to life. Or, perhaps they have some vague idea of what they’d like to do and want one of our stylists to help them flesh it out. We’re more than glad to assist with all of that. 

The Classics are Classic for a Reason 

Don’t get the wrong idea. You shouldn’t read the last paragraph and think: “oh, Works of Art is a salon where they’re always going to be trying something new with my hair.” Sure, we can do that if you want it. However, we have so, so many clients who come to us because they trust how we can make the classics work for them. Soft, natural highlights. A beautiful classical cut that’s wearable. Clients have come to us for years because we can provide that. Whether you want to explore the outer reaches of what’s possible, or just look your best in the most traditional sense, or anything in between, our stylists are ready to help. 


Here, Men’s Styles are Anything But an Afterthought 

Everything the last two paragraphs said about women could absolutely be applied to men and anyone else. Whether you’re a high powered attorney, an actor between roles, or anyone in between that, we can help you to get the style that you’ll be proud of. Everyone should feel good about their hair. We can make that happen. 


Works of Art Hair Salons in LA 

Hair should be a joy. There’s a reason that, when someone doesn’t like the way their hair looks, or something goes wrong with their hair, it’s referred to as “a disaster.” That’s not just a comedic exaggeration – when there’s something wrong with your hair, when it doesn’t look how you would like, it can take a real toll on your self-confidence. We can keep that from happening to you. To book an appointment, call (323) 667-0072.